Big Bikes


  • The New BeAT Fashion Sport (STD)
    SRP P66,900

  • The New BeAT Street (STD)
    SRP P66,900

  • The New BeAT Premium (ISS/CBS)
    SRP P70,400

  • The All-New Genio
    SRP P72,900

  • The New CLICK125i
    SRP P76,900

  • The New CLICK150i
    SRP P98,900

  • The New PCX150
    SRP P133,900

  • The All-New ADV150
    SRP P149,000


  • The All-New XR150L
    SRP P89,900

  • The New CRF150L
    SRP P134,900

  • The New CRF250L
    SRP P232,900

  • The New CRF250 Rally
    SRP P284,900

  • The New CBR150R
    SRP P165,000

  • The New CBR150R
    SRP P152,900


  • The All-New Supra GTR150
    SRP P102,900

  • The New RS150R
    SRP P97,300

  • The New RS125 Fi
    SRP P72,900

  • The New XRM125 DSX
    SRP P71,400

  • The New XRM125 MOTARD
    SRP P73,600

  • The New XRM125 DS
    SRP P67,900

  • The New Wave110R
    SRP P60,900

  • The New Wave110 Alpha
    SRP P47,700


  • TMX125 Alpha
    SRP P51,400

  • TMX Supremo 3rd Generation
    SRP P73,400