Tanauan, Batangas—Sept. 8, 2020 — For those who are planning to buy a motorcycle for the first time, choosing from a wide variety of brands and models can be daunting especially if you want to satisfy your appetite for road adventure while staying safe and feeling the outside vibes at the same time.

Choosing the right motorcycle can become a drag when you think of the endless considerations to factor in such as its weight, comfort, and convenience. All this can take away the fun of bike shopping.

Fortunately, Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), the No.1 motorcycle manufacturer in the Philippines, shares these five key elements to consider when buying a motorcycle.

Determine Your Experience. Some motorcycles are truly meant for the experienced riders who are used to road challenges. So, first things first, before you go to the shop, try to determine what you can and cannot do when driving a motorcycle.

Identify Your Needs. Why do you need a motorcycle? As a matter of fact, why do you even want it? Motorcycles come in different shapes and sizes, accommodating the type of travel the rider will most likely use it for, such as long out of town travels, city driving, or zigzagging traffic. Always look for a motorcycle that will cater to your needs and see how choosing your bike can become more manageable.

Know Your Options. Through years of innovations, motorcycles have become incredibly diverse that riders have numerous options to choose from that will help them journey on any form of terrain on any period. It is important to know the different options so that you can pick which one suits you best.

Choose A Good Fit. Motorcycles come in different shapes and sizes, but so does the rider. One of the most important factors when riding a bike is balance, which you will find challenging to do if you struggle to ride, simply because feet cannot reach the foot pegs, or the bike is too heavy. Try to consider some of these parts, as well.

  • Seat Height and Cushioning – Always measure the height of your seat to see if your feet can touch the motorcycle's foot pegs or the ground, and since there will be a chance that you will ride for hours, check the cushioning of the seat to ensure you won't encounter any chronic injuries.
  • Engine Heat and Vibration – You will literally be on top of the engine when you are riding your motorcycle. The engine's heat and vibrations can make it uncomfortable for the rider to properly drive a bike in the long run, so make it a point to check the engine.
  • Weight – Weight is a big part of the rider's ability to balance and drive a motorcycle. There will be times when you will be pushing or pulling the bike to maneuver it, and it can be hazardous to turn when riding a motorcycle that is too heavy for you.

Budget. Motorcycles are great long-term investments, and you should not only consider the retail price of the bike but also the cost of fuel and maintenance. Look for motorcycles that are budget-friendly when it comes to its parts and its fuel efficiency.

Fit for Everyone

You will not regret hitting the road when you find the most comfortable and most convenient motorcycle that is the best fit for you.