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09 March 2016

Thai Honda Celebrates 50 Years of Operations


Bangkok, Thailand, March 9, 2015 - Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Thai Honda),a manufacturer of Honda’s motorcycles and power products in Thailand, held a ceremony to celebrate its 50th anniversary at its Ladkrabang plant in Bangkok. The event marked a new milestone in Honda’s longstanding presence in Thailand and emphasized Thai Honda’s role as an important production base for motorcycles and power products both for the country and the world.

The ceremony held on March 8, 2016 was attended by Mr. Arthit Wuthikaro, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Industry, representatives from government agencies, and Thai Honda’s business partners. From Honda, Mr. Tetsuo Iwamura, Executive Vice President, Executive Officer and Representative Director of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Mr. Noriaki Abe, Operating Officer, Chief Operating Officer, for Regional Operations (Asia & Oceania), Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Mr. Yoshinori Koda, President of Thai Honda, and other executives attended the event along with associates.

Thai Honda was established in 1965 to produce motorcycles for the Thai domestic market, and started motorcycle production in 1967. In 2010, the company began producing mid-sized motorcycles equipped with a 250 cc engine. Thai Honda added a new production line, called “Global Model Factory”, which is specialized in producing mid-to-large-sized motorcycles for the global market in 2011. In 2014, large-sized motorcycles, such as CBR650 Series were added to the production lineup. Thai Honda currently exports a broad range of motorcycles to various countries, such as ASEAN, Australia, Japan, Europe and North America, underlining its role as one of Honda’s key production bases worldwide.

Thai Honda began producing power products in 1987. Since then, the company has been producing a wide range of power products for customers worldwide such as general-purpose engines, water pumps, and brush cutters. In 2011, Thai Honda established a new power products production plant integrating development and production functions to realize more efficient and effective business operations. Power products produced by Thai Honda are now being exported to ASEAN countries, India, Mexico, Latin American countries.

In 2015, Honda produced approximately 17 million units of motorcycles and approximately 6 million units of power products worldwide. Of this worldwide production, Thai Honda accounted for approximately 10% of the motorcycle production and approximately 40% of the power products production, as one of most significant motorcycle and power products production operations for Honda globally. In 2014, Thai Honda’s cumulative production of motorcycles and power products marked the 50 million unit milestone and the number has increased to 55.7 million units as of today (26.9 million units for motorcycles and 28.8 million units for power products).

Mr. Tetsuo Iwamura,mentioned, “Over 50 years of the company’s history, associates of Thai Honda have dedicated themselves to improve the values of the products they produced, and that is why Honda products are well accepted and favored by customers both in Thailand and worldwide. I hope Thai Honda will continue to take on new challenges to create added values to its products and bring joy to customers around the world who use Honda products.”


Mr. Noriaki Abe said, “The company’s global presence is very important now that products made by Thai Honda are used in more than 80 countries. I’d like to encourage Thai Honda associates to continue your efforts to produce products which will exceed people’s expectations globally.”


On behalf of Thai Honda, Mr. Yoshinori Koda said, “Thai Honda is celebrating our 50years in Thailand, thanks to great support from customers in both Thailand and across the world. As an expression of gratitude for such a great support, all Thai Honda associates will strive to deliver the best products for the greatest satisfaction of our valued customers.”

Thai Honda currently producesa wide range of motorcycles and power products, including PCX, CBR650, MP4 engine, and back pack sprayers. The company is dedicated to providing quality products at affordable prices globally in order to become a company that the society wants to exist.

Profile of Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Location:                           Bangkok, Thailand
Representative:                 Yoshinori Koda, President
Paid-up Capital:                150 million baht
Shareholding:                    83% by Honda Group of Companies
Business:                           Production of motorcycles, power products, and components
Production Capacity:         1.7 million motorcycles per year
                                          3.0 million power products per year
Employment:                     Approximately 8,200 associates


Key Milestones of Thai Honda from 1965 to Present




: Established


: Started motorcycle production with C-70 as the first model at its plant in Samutprakarn province.


: Started power products production with G-Engine as the first model


: Started production of the first export motorcycle model, Honda Cub 100EX


: Relocated manufacturing plant to Ladkrabang, Bangkok


: Motorcycle production reached 5 million units


: Opened die casting factory

: Opened associates training center


: Started production of TH-GX power product engines


: Motorcycle production reached 10 million units

: Power products production reached 5 million units


: Transferred production of M4 power product engine from Japan to Thailand

: Opened polymer injection factory


: Power products production reached 10 million units

: Opened high pressure die casting factory


: Started production of first big bike model, CBR 250R


: Motorcycle production reached 20 million units

: Opened new power equipment factory

: Opened global motorcycle factory


: Power products production reached 20 million units


: Transferred production of M4-II engine from Japan to Thailand


: Celebrated 50 million units of cumulative production for motorcycles and power products all combined:

- Motorcycle production reached 25 million units

- Power products production reached 25 million units

: Opened quality technical and purchasing center


: 50 years of operation in Thailand