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Brake Shoe & Pad Set

Excellent Brake Shoe & Pad Set More Reliable The canvas brake shoe has strong, noiseless power, and does not cause damage to other components. The body break shoe is made of an aluminum alloy that is in accordance with Honda standards, ensuring that the Honda brake shoe is anti-rust, lightweight, and strong. More Precise The design and size fit Honda motorcycles precisely, providing suitable and reliable braking torque for Honda motorcycles. More Durable In normal use, can hold up to 20,000 km. More Environment-Friendly Made from asbestos-free materials, hence safe for the user as well as the environment.



Honda Genuine Parts are made of tried and tested materials.


Honda Genuine Parts use high-quality components that last longer.


Honda Genuine Parts are the same as the ones mounted on the new Honda motorcycles.


With longer service life, Honda Genuine Parts allow you to save on maintenance costs.


Honda Genuine Parts can be purchased from Honda Philippines’ extensive network of outlets throughout the country.


Honda Genuine Parts consist of asbestos-free materials that take environmental concerns into serious consideration.


Honda Genuine Parts are made of tried and tested materials.