A new generation liquid-cooled, 150cc DOHC 6-speed sports engine has arrived...
Price: SRP PHP 94,900.00
Color Variations:

Born out of MotoGP DNA, Honda is proud to present the latest generation of World Class Racing Engine with Class-Leading Advance Technology.

  • PGM-FI

    Intelligent and accurate PGM-FI, capable of supplying optimum fuel & air mixture for efficient engine power and low emission. (Euro 3 compliant) -O2 Sensor -Catalytic Converter - Bank Angle Sensor

  • Liquid-Cooled with Auto Fan

    Advanced radiator with electronic fan automatically turns at a temparature of 103°C which is able to maintain a consistent temparature throughout the engine.

  • Twin Perimeter Frame

    To support optimum performance, maneuverability, and sense of security in the high-speed rance.

  • LED Headlight

    Sharp, sporty LED lights for brighter illumination, durable, and more energy efficient.

  • Digital Meter Panel

    Integrated futuristic digital meter panel w/ complete information like Speedometer, Trip meter, RPM and Gear Indicator and etc.


  • Front & Rear Disc Brake

    Class-Leading bigger and wider Front and Rear Disc Brake for better braking performance. 

  • Clip on Handle Bar

    More Sporty clip on handle bar that supports sporty driving style.

  • Rear Monoshock

    Dependable rear mono shock for optimum shock absorption.

  • Auto Secure Key Shutter

    More practical and safer operation reducing the risk of theft.

  • Sporty Cast Wheel with Tubeless Tire

    Latest wheel design inspired by big Honda Motorcycle equipped with tubless tires for better handling & maneuverability. 

  • Stylish Tail Light

    Sharp and Sporty Tail Light.

  • Sporty Pillion Step

    Sporty and stylish yet comfortable pillion step.

  • Sporty Undercowl

    Sporty and functional design.

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