XRM125 Dual Sport
Easy Ride
Price: SRP PHP 65,000.00
Color Variations:

Ride the ultimate On & Off underbone bike and experience unbeaten performance own every road with the country's no. 1

  • CRF-Designed Headlight
    Projects a sharp, light image that stands out from the rest.
  • CRF-Designed Fender
    Complements the headlights and completes the CRF look.
  • Striking Body Stickers
    Colour-matched showing -off handsome power and sporty styling.
  • Paint-Finished Handle Bar
    Ergonomically designed for superb handling capability.
  • Sleek Meter Cluster
    Equipped with sporty white-faced panel for increased visibility.
  • Sporty CRF Inspired Side Panels
    A tough ride for tough roads.
  • Sylish Rear Center Cover and Tail Lights
    Designed to compliment the strong CRF-inspired tails.
  • Comfortable Seat Cushion
    Designed for top seating comfort even in ling ride.
  • Spacious U-Box
    Secured, convenient storage of personal items.
  • Euro 2 Compliant Engine
    Powerful, quality-proven 125cc engine that burns fuel efficiency for worry-free motoring performance.
  • Front Disk Brake
    Disk brake for a safer ride.
  • Knuckle Guard
    Protection to hands against road debris.
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