Wave 125 Alpha
Swak sa Gilas mo!
Price: SRP PHP 60,900.00
Color Variations:

The introduction of very affordable Wave 125 Alpha in the Philippines is also a realization of Filipinos' dream to own Honda.

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  • Leg shield Design
    Improves aerodynamics while protecting the rider from road debris
  • Sportier chain cover
    Equipped with sportier chain case for added looks
  • Sleek and stylish front cover with highly visible front turn signal lamp
    Designed to fit everyone's lifestyle
  • Sportier tail light
    Equipped with multi-reflector and brighter illumination lens for increased safety and visibility
  • Decals
    Striking body stickers and sporty color variants highlight its stylish all-new muscular body design.
  • Muffler
    Improved sporty exhaust muffler and heat shield - Reduces exhaust noise and protects pillion rider from exhaust heat.
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