New On & Off Gear, your right buddy on the road!
Price: SRP PHP 229,900.00

The New CRF 250L under the slogan "New On & Off Gear, your right buddy on the road' to make 'On' (daily life) more convenient and 'Off' (weekends) more enjoyable," by pursuing total balance and driving stability to the utmost, created a vehicle that enables a broad spectrum of users from beginners to experienced riders to enjoy the sheer fun of handling the machine.

  • Single-Cylinder DOHC, 250cc Engine
    Liquid-cooled 250cc engine known for being sporty yet eco-friendly
  • Digital Instrumentation
    Integrated with the headlight visor to give all the information you need
  • Pro-link Rear Suspension
    Helps enhance handling and smooth ride
  • Comfortable Seating Position
    Motocross-style seat for any road conditions
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